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​What is Hope for Pets?

Hope for Pets Rescue takes a multifaceted approach to improving the lives and welfare of all companion animals in the county, as well as the welfare of the county as a whole. The main functions of the rescue group are to return lost pets to their owners, to find forever homes for homeless or mistreated animals, to spay or neuter as many pets as possible to help control the overwhelming population, and to educate the community about how to properly care for companion animals.

Our History

In August 2012, Hope for Pets was founded by numerous volunteers and members of our community. The rescue group was created in response to the area's urgent need for a solution to the problems with animal cruelty and overpopulation.

​How can you help?

While there are several different ways you can improve the lives of animals in need, Hope for Pets has three basic areas in which we need the most help: by donating money or supplies, by volunteering, or by adopting or fostering an animal.


Why donate? Buying food, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, flea control, toys, beds and medical assistance when needed – it all adds up far too quickly sometimes. The fees we collect when taking in or adopting out an animal only cover a small portion of our operating and overhead costs. Therefore, we rely on donations to keep saving lives.


Why volunteer? Money isn’t the only way you can donate to Hope for Pets. You can help out by giving your time. You could help with office work, organize donation campaigns, groom pets, unload donations of pet food, exercise dogs, play with pets, or clean cages. Time is just as important and appreciated as money if you can’t make a cash donation.


Why adopt or foster? If you have room in your home and in your heart for a new pet, adopting or fostering a rescue animal makes sense for lots of reasons. You will be saving a life. Even though we are a no-kill shelter, you will be helping to rescue another animal by making space available in our program. If you aren’t in a position to make a permanent addition to your family, you can consider fostering an animal instead. Foster pets benefit greatly from being in a home environment.

Our Mission

Hope for Pets is a volunteer-run rescue group dedicated to the reduction of homeless and mistreated companion pets by finding loving forever homes for those currently in need, spaying and neutering existing adoptable animals to prevent future litters, returning lost animals to their owners, and reaching out to the community and educating the public. Hope for Pets will never use euthanasia as a means of population control.

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