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If you’re considering volunteering for Hope for Pets, you can be sure that it will be time well spent. You will be making a difference not only to the animals that reside with us, but to our rescue and to your community. Words can’t adequately describe the rewarding feeling you get from helping animals that are without a family to love and care for them.

Whether you’re working hands-on with the animals to make sure they are safe, exercised and socialized, or doing something like driving, bookkeeping or answering the phone, every volunteer role comes with the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of our furry friends.

The animals of Hope House benefit tremendously from volunteers like you who give freely of their love and time. For that, everyone at Hope House is incredibly grateful and wishes you an enjoyable, safe, fulfilling and rewarding experience. To learn more about volunteering with Hope House and to have an even better volunteer experience, please take a few minutes to complete our volunteer form.


Dog Walker at the Park
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